Test Chamber Equipment & Fixtures

Anechoic Test Chamber

The installation of our anechoic test chamber was completed by Orbit/FR in 2003. Our chamber measures 28' x 14' x 14' with 12" to 36" pyramidal anechoic absorbers and is fully shielded using a dual layer metal enclosure. Our test chamber is designed to for frequencies ranging from .700 to 6.00 GHz.

View photos of our chamber construction.

Source Antenna

We use a ETS Lindgren Vivaldi Horn Dual Polarization.

Signal Transmitter/Receiver

We use a Anritsu Scorpion Series Vector Network Analyzer.

Measurement System

We utilize the complete Orbit/FR FR959 package (hardware and software) and the Orbit positioning system which allows us to simultaneously use up to 100 frequencies per test and measure multiple elevation cuts or multiple azimuth at almost any increment in degrees for elevation.

Control Room

Our control room includes an Anritsu separate analyzer for fast SWR/ Return Loss measurements. We also utilize dual video camera in-chamber camera displays, materials and tools to permit rapid construction of basic prototypes and structures.

Antenna Under Test (AUT) Facilities, Capabilities, Fixtures and Calibration

Maximum AUT weight using existing fixtures and supports is 20 Lbs. Heavy or heavier antennas can be supported for testing using custom fixtures or adapted fixtures. Maximum antenna size, 36" to 48" depending on type weight distribution.

Polarization: Vertical or Horizontal, Dual Polarization and Circular Polarization.

Fixtures include human hand simulator, ground planes 12", 36", 1 meter with and without 2" or 4" rolled edges to meet certain test standards. Elevation and Azimuth various non metallic supports, holders and fixtures.

Chamber Calibration: Using a set of 4 SGHs (Standard Gain Horns) precision made by same contractors to NASA. Calibration continually verified using known standard antennas and other methods.

We offer RF Circuit Design & Consulting, including LNAs, Splitters, Diplexers, Amplifiers and related items.

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Our Staff

Our staff is comprised of engineers and technicians, including a NASA Space Technology Hall of Fame Winner and Phd educated designers, with a combined total of over fifty years in the industry.

With backgrounds in electromagnetics and antenna measurement techniques our staff is equipped to handle quick build-up and evaluation of new circuit ideas as well as calculated or simulated models.

Our Capabilities

We are able test your antenna designs in real world applications for surprisingly reasonable rates.

There is no better way to ensure your antenna designs are performing as designed. We can measure forward peak gain, beamwidth, bandwidth, polarization and efficiency on most yagi, panel, patch, log periodic, dipole, compact, embedded, comformal and monopole antennas.

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