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Antennnatesting.com is your easy to use, simple to deal with and affordable professional grade antenna testing facility. We provide repeatable and accurate results from measurements in our laboratory and anechoic chamber system of your old and new antenna designs.

We are a true working lab conducting antenna testing as well as research and design on a daily basis. We take pride in our commitment to detail as well as staying in constant communication with our clients.

Whether you need standard or custom testing done we are confident that you will get the best service at a truly affordable price.

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Our Staff

Our staff is comprised of engineers and technicians, including a NASA Space Technology Hall of Fame Winner and Phd educated designers, with a combined total of over fifty years in the industry.

With backgrounds in electromagnetics and antenna measurement techniques our staff is equipped to handle quick build-up and evaluation of new circuit ideas as well as calculated or simulated models.

Our Capabilities

We are able test your antenna designs in real world applications for surprisingly reasonable rates.

There is no better way to ensure your antenna designs are performing as designed. We can measure forward peak gain, beamwidth, bandwidth, polarization and efficiency on most yagi, panel, patch, log periodic, dipole, compact, embedded, comformal and monopole antennas.

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